Soundtrack of
My Life

I'll be adding more as I go. I listen to almost every type of music out there. One time, when I was in Paris at a show, Branford Marsalis happened to be in the audience at a small venue of maybe 50 people. The live drum and bass band invited Branford to play the clarinet. It was epic. Enjoy!

80s + 90s Dance Plus

Flashbacks of baggie pants, high hair, glow sticks and club days in New York City via a bridge or tunnel. Need I say more?

New Wave Plus

80s and 90s New Wave music. If you don't know what that is, give a listen. It's the part of music that turned into club music eventually.

Lilith Fair + Dawson’s Creek Plus

Because I have a sensitive side. I happy cry about 1-3 times a day.

Can you guess that movie?

I love movies. Especially rom coms and obscure B movies. But most of these you should recognize if you were born before 1985.


Reality Bites, Singles, flannel shirts, baggy pants and a side of headbanging. 

Jazz for Two

Because Valentine's Day. Anyone else out there ever been to Smalls in New York? Was my favorite jazz club. I went only once or twice, but only because I couldn't find people to go with me.

Club Time

We used to go to day sessions on a Sunday starting at 1pm in New York City. No drinking, no eating, no drugs. Pure dancing with everything you've got.


Chill music we are listening to at the dinner table.